CPI Scholars


The CPI Scholars program is an academic and leadership development program that prepares high school students for college. It encompasses academic tutoring for the SAT and/or ACT,  leadership development and career exploration workshops.


Why Participate in the CPI Scholars Program?


  • SAT/ACT Tutoring: Minority and underrepresented students typically do not have access to test preparation materials, instructors and courses at an affordable cost. Our SAT/ACT tutoring program is designed to provide sophomores, juniors and seniors with test taking strategies that will make them competitive when taking college entrance exams.


  • Leadership Development: CPI Scholars will have the opportunity to enhance their leadership development skills by participating in workshops and seminars that will develop their potential.


  • Financial Assistance: Upon successful completion of the program and during their 12th grade year, CPI Scholars will be eligible to apply for an academic scholarship and/or financial assistance to attend the college of their choice.